Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a copper coin on the tip of the tongue

1. boil a pot full of rosemary; do not remove the roots, do not shake off the dirt
2. there is more under the windows and hanging over the bed
3. the sour smell of fermented vegetables makes you tremble
4. and the carpet scrapes your palms
5. walking hours on red roads stains your socks to the ankles
6. she stopped the car, walked into the field, and picked cotton for free
7. mix together grits and ground beef, deep fry in peanut oil
8. never tell anyone about the myth i wove
9. or, if you do, weave it over again to spare me some sorrow
10. she clutches a hand me down handkercheif as if it were a diamond ring
11. an emerald studded wristwatch worn after the whistle
12. fold your arms across your chest and lie until you've truthed

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