Monday, August 30, 2010

Double Fisted Draw

arthur murray by vic chestnutt

Friday, August 27, 2010

carrying a two story metal staircase down the street

this week a bee landed on my plate and struck a pose in my taco. i tried to coax it onto the table with a piece of pineapple, then the stallkeeper noticed my discomfort and took it between his fingers and carried it over to a dandelion. but it came back and started swimming in the salsa until the man fished it out by its tiny thorax and put it on the same flower. when i walked away it was drying itself off.

when a bee lands around you, it is a sign that you are afraid of the wrong thing. remember that. watch them stay, watch them go, watch the teeth marks in your arm.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

traducir e intraducir

tiro de gracia, puntualizar, apuntar, externar, rearticularse, damnificar, priorizar, indemnizar, cuenca del caribe, neutralizar el contenido, desgranar, autodeterminación, integrado por, campesino, agroecológico, chacra, expansión sojera, monocultivo, por las buenas o por las malas, estado de excepción, agronegocio, tejido colectivo, asentamiento, plantarle cara, trueque, hacer las veces, lustrabotas, vendedor, clientelismo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


dedicated to you by john coltrane and johnny hartman

Saturday, August 21, 2010

13 Colonies of British North America

1. 1607 VIRGINIA (Elizabeth I, Virgin Queen of England)*
2. 1620 MASSACHUSETTS (M. Indian word, "large hill place")*
3. 1623 NEW HAMPSHIRE (County of Hampshire)*
4. 1634 MARYLAND (Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of K. Charles I)
5. 1635 CONNECTICUT (Algonquin, "land on the long tidal river")
6. 1636 RHODE ISLAND ("Roodt Eylandt", Azd. Dutch, "red earth")
7. 1638 DELAWARE (Lord de la Warr, Norman Fr., "de le werre")
8. 1653 NORTH CAROLINA (King Charles I, Latin "Carolous")*
9. 1663 SOUTH CAROLINA (King Charles I)*
10. 1664 NEW JERSEY (Island of Jersey in English Channel)*
11. 1664 NEW YORK (Duke of York)*
12. 1682 PENNSYLVANIA (William Penn's father, Latin "Sylvania")
13. 1732 GEORGIA (King George II)*

*Royal Colony

Monday, August 16, 2010

mentalízalo bien pajarito


El planeta que reinaba cuando naciste, favorece mucho tu destino,
Vives con la preocupación de un amor incierto, te duele la indiferencia con que te trata.
Pero no desesperes que pronto resibiras demostraciones de afecto se trata de una persona noble y sincera que te profesa gran cariño.
Debo decirte algo más