Monday, August 11, 2008

Self Disclosure Via Object: Guitarra escolar

The metro in Mexico City is problematic ya de por si because it is frequently slow, late, jam packed with people. It becomes more difficult to manage one's voyage when one goes with baggage.

One man has a basket of churros big enough to hold baby Moses and a green wooden stand for the churros and a black plastic shopping bag filled with boxes filled with marzipan.

Another man has a bundle of wood which he will later assemble around an eighteenth century painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe he has restored for a Swedish banker's wife.

Another man has a greeting card in a white envelope to give to the boyfriend his parents, siblings, coworkers and friends from High School have never met. He is running late to the birthday dinner.

I have a child sized acoustic guitar which I have purchased so that my fingers will not forget how to make chords and so that I can record contemporary interpretations of gospel favorites in my wonderfully resonant bathroom.

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Jessica said...

let me tell you i do not have a taste for marzipan. it is too much. we desperately need to talk.