Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pot Likker Fetishists

Mary Mac's Tea Room is located at 224 Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. This enterprise and its constituents appear to have mastered the sale of southern food folklore. Last week I listened to Tony, an employee of the tea room, agressively sell two tourists from the North crawdads and fried pork chops after offering them pot likker.

According to Michael Stern, who posts on Roadfood.com, pot likker is a "spuce-green brew, known as pot likker for its intoxicating flavor...an intense study in southern-style greens."

Tony described it as the vitaminous liquid rendered off in a pot of slow cooked greens and pork which people here in the South eat with cornbread and a spoon.

For me, it is that which cornbread sometimes sops up.

In the photo you can see a brown haired faker, a contemplative tourist, and the action portraits of women who work in a kitchen which hang on some of the Tea Room's walls. Who decided to document and display the labor behind the likker? Why? Is it to promote the restaurant's authenticity or to remind diners what it is they're eating?